2018 Shakti Yantra Calendar

1.Mini Calendar (A4)
2.Desktop Calendar with Planner (8x8)
3.Wall Calendar with Planner (8x16)

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।।ऊँ गुरुभ्यो नमः।।
गुरु, इष्ट,मंत्र तथा यंत्र एक हैं
The Guru, Deity,Mantra and Yantra are one.
With all of my heart,body mind and soul
 I rest my head at the Lotus feet of my Guru
Smt. Madhuri Devi Sharma
 Jai Maa
This calendar is a collection of 12 unique Shakti or Goddess Yantras. An offering made with love and reverence, the creation of which manifested into a beautiful Sadhna.                                                                                                     
A set of 12 Goddesses in their sacred Geometrical form , each one / form symbolic of one of the many aspects of the great Cosmic Mother Kali.
Yantras are sacred Geometrical embodiments of deities. Constructed according to specific rules and prescribed rituals,they are portals for invoking divine presence and grace.
In Tantra Yoga, it is understood that Mantras (sacred sounds) represent a deity's mind and Yantra, the deity's body.
Yantras are designed in a manner that automatically draws the eye of the beholder towards its centre. Which is the seat of the deity. 
This makes the Yantra a most valuable and powerful tool for meditation.By anchoring one's mind/attention on the centre,it is possible to withdraw the consciousness from the external world and direct it towards the internal. This helps in going beyond the limiting confines of the egoic mind.
But that is not all. These delicate organic, sacred patterns also have the power to balance, purify and elevate the atmosphere around them

~Jai Maa ~


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