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2019 Kundalini Yoga and Chakra Calendar

Dear friends, This collection of paintings on Kundalini Yoga and Chakras, started nearly 8 years back, evolving from a seed sown by my Guru and further motivated by personal life experiences. The concept of Chakras and a Sleeping Serpent Power, captured my attention wholly. The idea of a subtle network of energetic currents, junctions where they come together and the explosive vital energy that comes alive, became the source of inspiration behind this set of paintings. My own meditative journey on the path of Kundalini yoga and the years of research into traditional Kundalini and Tantric Yoga literature, have guided me through the evolution of this body of work. The paintings, besides having aesthetic appeal also make wonderful focal points for meditation. It is my deepest wish that this calendar brings you happiness and the New Year ushers in great joy, health, abundance, peace and self-realization in to your lives.
Happy New Year Wishes in advance!
With warm regards,

Yogini Mira

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