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ShivaShakti Mantra Mandala 20"/20"  Acrylic on Canvas Price on Request

"Mananat Trayete Iti Mantrah"
That which can help transcend the mind is a Mantra

It was over a decade back that I first came to appreciate the importance of chanting. The discovery came at a time when I was bang in the middle of an excruciatingly long stint with depression, My own mind had become my greatest foe. Having lost the will or capability to continue living as a functional part of society ,I had withdrawn into a shell, a bare shadow of my earlier being. The incessant, often disturbing chatter of my mind my constant companion... As I reached breaking point I started looking for a few moments of respite a way to escape this virtual prison.While looking for ways to soothe myself ,I repeatedly came across the supposed benefits of meditation and decided to give it a shot. But the mind was so persistent that even 2 minutes with my eyes closed was an insurmountable challenge. So I decided to tr…

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