Day 20 - Kamalatmika

"Om Mahadevyai Cha Vidmahe
Kamalapriyayai Cha Dheemahi
Tanno Kamala Prachodayat"


Day 20. Shakti Yantra Practice

Kamalatmika Devi is the yogic appearance of goddess Lakshmi. She is one of the more benign Mahavidyas, her nature much like Sundari, is gentle, kind and benevolent.
Mahavidya Kamalatmika is seated on a pink lotus or Kamal, hence the name. She is propitiated when there is need for peace and harmony.
Kamalatmika is also known as Shree, meaning all that is auspicious and radiant. The daughter of the ocean she is envisioned  as a vision of luminous golden complexion, with 4 hands and 3 eyes. In 2 of her hands, she holds beautiful pink lotus blooms, symbolic of purity and wisdom and with the other two, she grants fearlessness {Abhaya} and gifts boons {Varada} of peace and prosperity4 white celestial elephants are constantly pouring water over her and she is dressed in divine white clothes.

Kamalatmika though situated in heaven, is the bestower of worldly material wealth as well as spiritual. But it is not easy to worship her. As the consort of Vishnu, her wealth can only belong completely with Vishnu. The moment her devotees show signs of greed or avarice she pulls away her grace. In order to keep her grace always, it is important to practice generosity and share her bounty without selfishness.
Just like the lotus which grows in mud but remains untarnished and pure, so too must the aspirant remain untouched, by the enticing lure of wealth and maya and continue diligently on the path to awakening.

~ All my material needs are taken care of by the divine, I do not need to fight to fulfill them.
~I lead a life of abundance.
~I actively seek to remove any traces of greed or selfishness within me.
~I always try to share my blessings with others.

Colors: Soft pinks, lavender, rose, mauve, white, gold and yellow.

"Om namo Kamalatmika Devyayi Namah"

Kamalatmika Yantra Free Printable (pdf)

Jai maa


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