Day 19 - Bhairavi


"Om Tripuradevyayi cha vidmahe
Shree Kameshwaryayi cha dheemahi
Tanno Bhairavi Prachodayat"

Day 19. Shakti Yantra Practice

The next goddess in our practice is, yet another fierce form of Maa. Mahavidya Bhairavi is the power of intense burning heat. Like Tripura Sundari she is also envisioned in 3 varying forms and called Tripura Bhairavi. She appears as the scorching heat of the glowing sun, the electric spark of lightening and the all-consuming burning heat of fire.
Her's to gift is the fire of intense yogic transformation and that which exists in Tapas,the heat of austerity.
In essence, she also has some similarity and connection with Mahavidya Tara. If Tara is the power of sound and speech, Bhairavi is the Goddess of Tanmatras or the subtle sensory potential that gives rise to the 5 elements and the 5 organs of sense perception. She is the primal impulse from which the very first idea or desire to create sound appears. She precedes even sound and therefore is venerated as supreme power of speech in its raw and primal state.
 Bhairavi is that fire of divine energy that exists within each of us. It ignites and energizes the desire for transformation from within. As the fire of yogic transformation, she consumes all the unwanted interests and attachments and replaces them with a burning desire and aspiration, to realize the truth.
She also appears as a warrior Goddess, consort of Bhairava the terrible force aspect of Shiva. Like Bhairava, she too acts as a guardian, protecting the aspirant and eliminating all obstacles and bringing about the expansion of awareness to it's ultimate extent.
She is seen carrying a book of knowledge and rosary instead of conventional weapons, for her power is the flaming power of fire. Her's is the victory of the light of illumination over the darkness of ignorance.

Affirmations :
~ I have a strong power of will and I stick to my positive resolution.
~I am dedicated to my spiritual practice as it helps me become strong against my negative habits.
~I lead a disciplined life.
~I am determined to succeed and fulfill my spiritual goals.

Colors : Flaming oranges, red, yellow, gold and black.
"Om Namo Bhairavyai Namah"

Bhairavi Yantra Free Printable (pdf)
Jai maa


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