Day 18 Chinnamasta


"Om Vairochinyai Cha Vidmahe
Chinnamastayai Cha Dheemahi
Tanno Devi Prachodayat "

Day 18. Shakti Yantra Practice

Mahavidya Chinnamasta or the Headless One, our next goddess in the Shakti series presents a vision that is truly frightening to many. As mortal creatures we do not like to be brought face to face with our own mortality. This shakti, who is the electrical power of lightening and thunder, does just that .
Her body, a deep ruby red in color, she stands in an aggressive posture upon a couple, engaged in intimate embrace.  In one hand she holds a sharp cleaver that she has used to sever her own head, which she holds up in the other. On her face is the expression of sheer bliss, as she drinks the fresh blood gushing, fountain like out of her severed neck. She drinks from the central steam of the sushma nadi while her companion Damini, standing on either side are nourished by the streams from the ida and pingala nadi.
Her entire iconography is rich in meaning of an esoteric nature. She teaches by example. By beheading herself, she illustrates yogic transcendence over the mind. Her stance on top of the copulating Kamadev, the god of love and Rati, his consort, is symbolic of transcendence over sensual pleasures, fleeting in nature. Her lightening like power transmutes the sexual energy into an upward flowing Kundalini energy. The blood gushing out of sushumna is this very energy . The bliss on her face, expresses the supreme bliss to be experienced, on the path of complete yogic awakening.

Her oath is not for the weak of heart. She is Vajra Vairochini,the fierce trans formative power of a bolt of lightening. In one swift stroke, she awards the vision of one's true self.

~I am not defined by my egoic attachments.
~I frequently practice acts of selfless service and sacrifice without allowing it to flatter my ego.
~I shall share generously all the gifts I have in life.

Colors: Red,orange,silver,black and gold.

"Om Namo Vajra Vairochinyai Namah"

Chinnamasta Yantra Free Printable (pdf)


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