Day 16 Baglamukhi

                "Om Hleeng Brahmastraaya Vidmahe
                                  Stambhanbanaya Dheemahi
                                    Tanno Bagla Prachodayat"

                                     Day 16. Shakti Yantra Practice

Today's Shakti is maa Baglamukhi, also called Pitambara devi . Dressed in yellow, her skin has an effulgent golden glow. Mahavidya Bagalamukhi is visualised in an extremely dynamic posture, one leg bent, she steps out purposefully with the other, to deal with enemies. Her weapon, a gada{mace} is held high in one hand and with the other she grabs hold of the enemies' tongues .The enemy quivers, paralyzed with terror ,rooted to the spot, soon to be annihilated.
Baglamukhi's special power, is the power of kilana and sthambhana meaning paralyzingnailing to the spot, stopping short and immobilizing. She is especially invoked by her devotees when threatened by enemies, dacoits, thieves, or caught in legal battles, cheated and bullied. She is fast to the rescue.
However as a Mahavidya, Baglamukhi, like all the other wisdom goddesses, is a catalyst for yogic transformation. A true spiritual sadhaka seeks to overcome the real enemies i.e., our vagrant thoughts. The egoically identified mind sets up infinite hurdles in the path of a truth seeker . The real demons to fight are inside and present as the negative, self deprecatory, fatalistic, overly critical and judgmental
thoughts. Feelings such as debilitating fear, burning jealousy, all consuming greed, blind rage and selfishness  and many more are a few of weapons of choice used by the demons.
Mahavidya Baglamukhi has the power to paralyze and uproot for good, these inner demons .
With her bright, golden, glowing presence and her warm strength, she is a vision of courage and hope.


~ I am brave.
~ I stand strong in the face of adversities.
~I am strong enough to defeat all my negative thoughts.
~ I am honest, sincere and truthful always.

Colors: Gold, bright shades of yellow, orange and red.

"Om Hleeng Baglamukhiyai Namo Namah"

Baglamukhi Yantra Free Printable (pdf)

Jai Maa.


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