Day 12 - KALI

                 Day 12. Shakti Yantra Practice

  "Om Mahakaliyai cha vidmahe 
         Smashaanavasinye cha dheemahi
        Tanno Kali prachodayat"

Translation :
 Om we meditate on the great Goddess who takes away darkness.
We contemplate she who resides in the cremation grounds.
May the Goddess grant us increase.

  Come let me introduce you to my love, my mother, my muse, friend and guide. The one that I belong to.
 Meet Kali.

Dark as a starless night sky, wild disheveled hair ,wearing a garland of skulls and a skirt made of human arms, tongue dripping with blood and blood shot eyes. She is hard to ignore. Adored by her devotees, she strikes fear into the heart of the ignorant,who caught up with her fearsome appearance fail to see her generosity and kindness.

As the mistress of the 10 great wisdoms or the Dasha Mahavidya, Maa Kali presides over one of the 10 main directions and leads one to a complete yogic transformation. Her presence is deeply symbolic and with it, she intends to shake you out of a benign state of apathy.
Her three eyes represent the sun, moon and fire and with them, in her form, as the mother of time, she keeps an eye on all the three worlds of past present and future . Her sword is the sword of knowledge and with it she severs the knots of ignorance and egoic self identity. The garland of skulls around her neck are the letters of the alphabet. With her skirt made of human arms, both left and right ,she shows that she accepts all your actions good and bad. Her white teeth biting on the red tongue dripping blood remind one that Sattva vanquishes Rajas . Standing on top of Shiva she illustrates that she is the divine dynamic energy that creates upon the passive Universal stage that is Shiva. One cannot function without the other.
Mahavidya Kali is the mistress of change and transformation.

~ I let go of all negative thoughts .
~ I am devoted to realizing my true self.
~I rise above petty egoic identification and live from a place of love.
~I am in charge of my mind .

Color: Red, black and gold.     

   "Om namo Kalikaye namah"

Jai maa

Kali Yantra Free Printable (pdf)


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