Day1 - Gananayaki

   "Raktavarnam Chaturbhujam Trinetram
  Chandrashekharam Gajasyam Chandrogaghnim Pashankus
Dharam Suva Varadabhayak
Devim Ganeshanksthitaam Param Dhyayet
 Vinayakim Devim Sarvakaamaphalapradam"

                            Day .1 Shakti Yantra Practice

An auspicious start to the 21 SHAKTI YANTRA PRACTICE
The first goddess for this practice is Vinayaki. Also lovingly called Gananayaki, Vighneshi  Ganeshi etc. As the name suggests, she is the feminine counterpart of Ganesha the obstacle remover, lord of fresh beginnings . Some also know her as Ganesha's Shakti, his wife and Parvati's shakti and a powerful Yogini..

It is apt that for a shakti practice we begin with a prayer to invoke this majestic Devi and invite her to bless the practice by removing all obstacles that may stand in the way of our practice, just as Ganesha is venerated before embarking upon any new venture, especially a spiritual journey.

Her very appearance inspires and teaches us valuable life lessons. The Elephant headed one or Gajamukhi devi is the Goddess of the Mooladhara or base Chakra. Her appearance should be taken as a reminder to strengthen our foundation and be grounded .A strong foundation is a prerequisite to building a strong and lasting practice                

During her sadhna one can practice taming the mind. A good start here could be to observe the thoughts that rise and fall during the practice, while maintaining an attitude of equanimity through the entire exercise in the face of every thought, happy, sad or scary.

Affirmation :
   ~ I am Grounded and connected to my body as well as the Earth.
   ~ I am Complete.
   ~ I am exactly where I need to be .
   ~ I am at peace within and with my surroundings.
   ~ I belong.


Colors : Earthy hues of Red , Orange , Yellow and Mustard.

Gananayaki Yantra Free Printable (pdf)

Jai Maa!


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