"Om Aing Kleeng shreeng Hasauh
Chatuh Shashti Yoginebhyo Namah"


Day .9 Shakti Yantra Practice

Starting from today, the last day of Navaratri, this practice is going to be focused especially upon the Shaktis or Goddesses specifically connected with Yogic Wisdom and Kundalini Yoga. These Goddesses have within them the power to grant

various material boons but more importantly, when their grace falls upon you, they can lead you up the path to Self realization.Their lessons at times may be harsh or daunting, but under their guidance these only act as a catalyst to intense spiritual growth.        Today's yantra contains within it, the potent powers of not one or two but 64 divine beings.In the previous post we were introduced to the Ashta Matrikas or 8 mothers who emerged from Yogeshwari another name for Maa Kali, or Parvati. These 8 goddesses were also called Yoginis based on the various powers and skills they contained within themselves.

They are said to govern the 8 Main Directions, the 8 Tattvas, 8 Limbs of Yoga etc. It is within their power to grant boons of the 8 Maha Siddhis or magical powers to their devotees. As
companions, or assistants of Maa Kali, they further expand and divided into 8 further aspects each. Thus bringing us to the special number of 64
The Yoginis are powerful Shaktis all emanating from Maha Kali and presiding over various aspects of creation.                           

Their presence is especially noted in ancient rural and tribal cultures and many are shown as combinations of human and animal or bird forms with divine powers. They have distinct personalities, fascinating,awe inspiring, mystical and not to be not taken lightly. 
To follow their path is not easy and one must seek their love and grace with respect and devotion. Their purpose is to pull the human soul or jivatman out of the tangle of Maya, each offering a different doorway into the experience of undifferentiated awareness.
~ I will approach every activity with complete awareness and attention.
~ I am blessed and cared for.
~I am dedicated to the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment.                                                      Colors: Earthy red, sap green, black and gold.                                                     

Jai Maa!      


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