"I bow to the great Matrika Devi,the supreme lady, who in time is both a fraction of a second and the end of the universe, 
she is the destroyer and creatrix of time, who is the perfect measure of the letters of the alphabet, worshipped by, the Sun,Garuda,the Moon, the god of Love, lord Shankar, the god of Fire ,Vishnu"


Day .8 Shakti Yantra Practice

In Sanskrit there are 36 consonants and 15 vowels. The permutation, combination of these, produces all sound, mantras, music, literature and even all vibration.These are further divided into 8 letter groups, that are personified as the Ashta Matrikas or 8 little mothers. They all arise from the great goddess Yogeshwari.
 According to a story in Shiva Purana, these 8 forms of Shakti emerged at the pinnacle of battle between Shiva and the Asura Andhakasusura. When all else failed , out of the Adiyogi, emerged Yogeshwari and her force of 8 warriors and defeated the demon. Symbolically, Andhakasura, represents the darkness of ignorance and bling egotism and the Goddesses with their power to illuminate, burn up this darkness and give the gift of knowledge.
The Matrika's gift is a most important tool for life as a human being. They make it possible for us to learn, understand and communicate. they also help to assimilate wisdom and knowledge with a clear unclouded vision. Thus leading us closer to the real purpose of human existence .i.e self realization.

With clarity of vision, divine presence can be perceived in every Annapurna (the one dispensing food and abundance), Lakshmi (bestower of wealth), Yama (God of death) etc. are all examples of this. Similarly the Matrikas are the Goddesses of the power of the word, speech ,sound and mantra.
aspect of existence.                 

Approach each breath with awareness. Each word or thought  uttered should be carefully weighed. Recognize in the every word, every letter the power of divinity and purity of the Matrikas and they shall bless you with the power of eloquence in word and thought.

~I shall think before I speak.
~I shall use my words wisely.
~I shall use my words to bring comfort to others and avoid hurting with words.
Colors: All the colors of the rainbow, black and white, gold and silver.
Mantra:"Om Namo Matrika Devyai Namah"

Jai Maa


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