Aum vaak devyayi cha vidmahe
virinchi pathniyai cha dhimahee
thanno vanee prachodayat

Om let me meditate on the goddess of speech,
 who is wife of Lord Brahma, 
give me greater intellect and 
let the Goddess Vani illuminate my mind


Day .7 Shakti Yantra Practice

After Durga and Mahalakshmi, follows Saraswati, the third of this great Goddess trinity.     

Saraswati is the Goddess of Creativity. All forms of artistic expressions be it music, poetry, prose, painting,sculpting etc. stem from her . Her's is the creative word. The vedas are her gift. 
She is the birth of the creative impulse in the svadishtana and anahata chakras. The muse and the art are both her. 
The historical river Saraswati named after the Goddess is symbolic of her purity,the flow of her grace and the thirst quenching quality of a beautiful piece of art.
  Saraswati is of special significance in my personal life. As a child, my given name was Sarada (another name for the goddess). Her presence in my life was hence present right from the start. Without any formal training, I find myself inspired and intuitively guided to paint as though the technique and ideas are flowing in my blood. It is as if my very blood stream were the river in motion, enriched with creativity by the Goddess's grace.

This entire yantra practice is inspired and guided by this patroness of art and music. 
Her very yantra has the appearance of celestial musical notes. With her practice, invoke the Goddess of speech, the queen of arts in your own life and let her flow alive and inspiring in your own lives.
~I offer every creative activity at the lotus feet of Goddess Saraswati. May she continue to inspire me.
~I am ever receptive to new ideas and inspiration.
~Creativity stems effortlessly through me.
~I am learning to be more creative every day.

Mantra:   "Om Aing Saraswatyai Namah"

Colors: Soft pastel shades of blue, green, pink and glowing yellow, silver, gold and white.


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