Day 4 - Annapurneshwari


                      Day .4 Shakti Yantra Practice

"Om Annapurne sada purne shankarapranavallabhe,
Jnyanavairagya siddhartha bhiksham dehi namostute


{Om.Goddess who is full complete with food and grains, always full,complete and perfect. 

The strength of the life force of Shiva, the cause of peace. 
For the attainment of perfection in wisdom and renunciation, please give us offerings/alms. 
We bow to you.}

In yogic parlance there is a distinct connection between Object and Consciousness. The body, mind and spirit are closely linked.
The human body is said to be covered by 5 Energetic Sheaths or the Pancha Koshas. Ranging from the grossest to the most subtle bliss filled sheath, these energetic coverings determine the quality and nature of our human experience, through their interactions with a variety of factors.

The grossest of these is the food sheath or the Annamaya Kosha. The term "Anna" means food grains or the sustaining essence of earth. The physical body is composed and sustained by the food we eat and the energetic vibration of this food body is called the Annamaya Kosha. The deity presiding over this energetic body is Devi Annapurneshwari.

She is Parvati herself, as sustainer and Goddess of abundance. All living creatures are sustained and nourished by her love and generosity.
Her appearance in this practice ,is to teach us the very important
lesson of conscious and mindful eating.
For any spiritual seeker/practitioner it is of utmost importance to take the best possible care of the physical body, for it is the vessel  in which the divine is invoked. Hence the saying "My body is my Temple".

All foods have their own unique food imprints or Gunas. Based on how they are grown, prepared, served and consumed, they may impart Sattvic, Rajasic or Tamasic qualities. While it is true that a careful balance of all three is required to lead a successful life, it is also true that a predominantly Sattvic diet is the most conducive for spiritual growth. Not only does the food we consume determine physical health but the mind too is greatly affected by the nature of this food.
Meals that are fresh, light, easy to digest, cooked and served with love and eaten in small moderate portions with an attitude of reverence are best assimilated by the body and go far into creating ideal physical and mental conditions for successful meditative practices.

Affirmations :

~I choose to change my eating habits for the better and successfully do so.
~I love my body and take care of it by eating correctly.
~I eat healthy to energize my mind and body.
~I am loved and nourished by the universe/goddess.

Colors: Fresh spring like colors, colors of fresh flowers ,fruits and vegetables.

"Om Namah Annapurneshwariyai Namah"

Annapurneshwari Yantra Free Printable (pdf)

Jai Maa!


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