Day.3  Shakti Yantra Practice

The next yantra in our practice is that of the Great Cosmic Womb,or the Maha Yoni. 
This time of the year when winter is approaching and mother nature gets ready for her annual rest, it is the perfect time for us to take a breather and rest for a bit in her womb too. Just as a mother nourishes and protects the baby in her womb , so too does the Universal mother protect and nourish all her creations.

Numerous images and symbols have been unearthed from the abandoned sites of ancient civilizations , from the world over, that depict what look like Earth Goddesses or mother figures with swollen bellies and full breasts. These discoveries strongly suggest that a creative mother figure has been venerated and held sacred since the
very start of civilization.
With this Yantra of the Great Womb we too can contemplate upon the mysteries of this supreme creatrix and marvel upon her many many creations.

Meditating upon the Yoni Yantra has the power to enhance vitality. Prana Shakti is the life force we are infused with by this Goddess when she conceives us in her womb. Meditating upon her is a way to remind oneself of this life force vitality that is inherent in each of us, keeping us alive.
Vagaries of material life and the daily mundane activities regularly sap us of this strength leaving us depleted until a night's rest in her cosmic womb replenishes the lost energy.
This re- nourishment is ours to experience even in waking moments , if we but take the time to meditate lovingly upon our life giver and allow Maa to nurture us.

~ I use this opportunity to love and respect every mother figure in my life, every soul that has loved and nourished me in any manner.
~ I remember the love I have received and share it on with those in my life.
~ I am a child of mother nature and I shall attempt to lead my life in keeping with her rhythm.
~ I am a child of the Earth Goddess.
~ I am loved and nurtured by my creator.

Colors: Earth colors , Reds, Greens,Yellows and in the central downward triangles Black, Red and White to symbolize the 3 Gunas or attributes of Tamas, Rajas and Satva respectively.

Mantra : Seed sound of creation is the best mantra for this practice.

Mahayoni Yantra Free Printable (pdf)
Jai Maa!


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