Maha Narayana Upanishad on Om & Gayatri :-
"The one syllabled OM is Brahman. 
 May the boon conferring divine Gayatri come to us {to instruct us about} the imperishable Brahman  who is revealed by the Vedanta . May Gayatri the mother of meters favor us with the knowledge of the supreme Brahman."


                                Day.2  Shakti Yantra Practice

The second Goddess in our Yantra practice is Gayatri. In her role as Adi Shakti , she is an aspect of maa Saraswati , Lakshmi and Parvati all rolled in one. Her form as prayer is used to pray to other deities. To attain enlightenment about Shiva, there is the Rudra Gayatri, for Saraswati, the Saraswati Gayatri etc. Her brilliance is that of the Sun.

   Also known as the mother of Vedas, Gayatri is the epitome of complete knowledge. She has 5 heads , and 10 eyes,one for each cardinal direction, one to see all above and one to see all below. Her 5 heads are also symbolic of the 5 senses and with her grace these may become our window into supreme knowledge.All the knowledge in and of the universe arises from her own self.
Gayatri Sadhna leads to attainment of the highest spiritual goal. Her mantra has the power to lift the veil of ignorance that shrouds mortal life. and remove egoic identification, by bestowing Self realization.

As you proceed to color her Yantra, surrender your limited knowledge and limiting ignorance. Now with a clean blank slate trust in her to lead you to the only thing worth knowing , Your True Self .

Affirmation :
~To realize my true self is the highest purpose of my life.
~I am one with the Universe.
~I am complete .
~I move from darkness and bring light and joy into my life.

Long:       "Om  bhurbhuvah swah  tatsaviturvarenyam 
bhargo devasya dhimahi dhiyo yo nah prachodayat "

Short :                                   "OM"

Color : Soft shades of rose, pink, mauve, lavender, white and shades of the sun like orange, yellow, rust.
Jai Maa


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