"Champeya Gaurardha Sharirakayai 
Karpura Gaurardha Sharirakaya |
Dhammillakayai Cha Jatadharaya
Namah Sivaayai Cha Namah Sivaaya |"
- Shankaracharya

One half shines with golden yellow color like champeya flower and other half shines in bright white of karpura/camphor. One side of the head is adorned with a beautiful braided decoration and other sports an unkempt jatamakutam. I bow to Shakti and Shiva in the form of ardhanarishwara.

Day.11  Shakti Yantra Practice

Technically speaking the next yantra in this 21 day practise is not of an exclusively feminine Shakti. Ardhanarishwari, is half Shakti and half Shiva. The form is still very important in this phase of the yantra practise, as it is focusing on yogic wisdom of the highest order.

The very meaning of Yoga is Union.Union of the Jivatman or the individual soul, with the Paramatman, the universal conciousness. To attain this, there must be harmony within. Each of us is composed of masculine and feminine. This doesn't mean male and female but are instead characteristics that are of masculine and feminine nature.
The Ardhanarishwara is also a very esoteric illustration of the creative power existing within each of us. When the masculine Shiva, in the form of Mahan Purusha, merges with the feminine Shakti appearing as Prakruti, creation ensued. This is a macro cosmic representation of the powers of creation that each of us is endowed with. Shiva and Shakti take on half of each others bodies for this experience . 
 The yin and  yang, yab and yum are also examples of  this very concept .Within each of us, there is a Shiva aspect and a Shakti aspect .Only when there is perfect harmony between  these two, is it possible to experience the ultimate yoga and live a human life of fulfillment.


~ I lead a relaxed, balanced and creative life.
~I integrate balance into each facet of my life.
~I am balanced and in harmony with myself and the universe.
~I practice equanimity in every moment.

Color: Red, blue, purple, yellow and white.


"Om Namah Shivayai Cha Namah Shivaya"

Jai Maa.


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