Day .10 Shakti Yantra Practice

"Muladharaika nilaya bramhagranthi vibhedini Manipurantarudita vishnugranthi vibhedini 
Aagyna-chakrantaralastha rudra-granthi vibhedini Sahasrarambujaruda sudhasarabhivarshinee
Tatillata samaruchi shatchakropari sansthita Mahashakti-kundalini bisatantu taniyasi "
                                                                                  -Shri Lalitha Sahasranamam

The, mystical serpent shakti, Goddess Kundalini is next in our 21 Shakti practice.
She is much sought after as well as feared and misunderstood.
The term Kundalini originates in Sanskrit . Directly translated it means the coiled one. Also known as the lightening power, Maa Kundalini is the Universal consciousness, present in each individual. She is powerful and volatile beyond imagination, hence it is important to venture into Kundalini yoga only under the guidance of a Guru who is self realized. As the Guru, then, guides the ascent of this incredible Shakti.
 At first she is dormant, coiled 3 and a half times around a Shiva ling, asleep in the Mooladhara chakraA potential energy who upon being awakened, by the grace of a realized guru and ardent spiritual practice then travels up the spine all the way to the crown chakra via the subtle energy channel known as the Sushumna nadi. She goes there to meet and merge with Shiva, who presides as the undifferentiated consciousness in a passive form, in the Crown or Sahasrahara Chakra.
As the energy begins her ascent, she makes significant biochemical and structural changes in the very DNA of the practitioner. Changes that, purify and heal. The experiences may be pleasurable as well as painful, but eventually the sadhaka or practitioner becomes a perfect vessel for divinity to shine through. 
Her movement up the spine, may be languorous, a snake like meandering crawl , or swift, like lightening. Each individual may have a unique experience according to his karmic patterns and spiritual requirement.There are many milestones along the way, when supernatural powers are manifested in the individual. Clairvoyance, heightened sense perceptions, overflow of creative energies etc. It is important to not be distracted by, and attached to these powers or siddhis, as in reality they are hurdles to a true practitioner. 
Once this magnificent and generous Shakti merges with her Shiva, there is self realization, an experience of undifferentiated awareness, then the two become one. 
Hereafter the two together should be invoked to descend into the heart chakra. Their presence in the heart opens up the capacity for divine love. Every action of the human being is now guided by this powerful love. This is the best state to live in, as the yantra or instrument  and vessel of the supreme conciousness.

Affirmations :
~I shall set time each day to meditate.
~ Self realization is my sole purpose.
~I live a life following the path of Ahimsa or nonviolence, both towards my self and others.

Colors : Red, blue ,white and gold.

"Om Namo Kula Kundalini Devyayi Namah"

Kundalini Yantra Free Printable (pdf)
 Jai Maa


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