Guru Padmasambhava and Dakini Mandaarava


"From the heart of Buddha Amitabha, light rays radiated into the bud of a lotus on Danakosha lake.Upon its ripening, appeared an amazing child, adorned with the major and minor marks sitting atop a thousand petalled lotus.Glorious Guru Padmasambhava, please protect and guide me until I attain complete enlightenment. "


                                 Guru Rinpoche, Padmasambhava,Vajrasattva,Vajraguru,...... These are some of the names used to venerate the "Lotus Born One" . 
Guru Padmasambhava appeared as an emanation of the Amitabha Buddha in one Year of the Monkey sometime in the 8th Century.
   The 'Lotus born Buddha" , as the name suggests incarnated one auspicious day in the middle of an ancient Indian Lake ,taking the form of a smiling, glowing 8 year old boy . He was born from the heart of a Red Lotus in full bloom. The young boy appeared holding in one hand a Vajra and in the other a blooming lotus. Immediately upon taking form he started teaching gods,dakinis and yogins in the area various lessons of Dharma. He imparted to each, lessons corresponding to their levels and requirements for karmic growth.

   Towards the end of 2016 ( also an year of the Monkey !!how auspicious!!) I got an order for my second Buddha painting. This was a repeat order from the same patron that commissioned a Medicine Buddha Thangka earlier in 2016 (  written about in a previous post dated 03/08/2016). My client shared with me an image of a couple ,deep in meditation, while seated in a yogic posture of sexual union, also referred to as the SHIVA SHAKTI or YABYUM position and referred to him Guru Rinpoche. 
To my Shakta colored heart the couple looked like a Buddhist aspect of Shiva and Kali . Rather predictably I was bewitched , and immensely intrigued. For this Guru Padmasambhava was now fully grown and with a consort  
Upon research I discovered that he has various forms(8 main ones), that he took on, for the purpose of spreading Dharma and tantric teachings. Many of his lessons are highly potent ,hence equally secretive and the relevant texts hidden in key locations, only to be discovered and interpreted by preordained disciples. 

    This particular form that was shared with me was his emanation in the SAMBHOGAKAYA BUDDHA aspect . The term "Sambhoga" here referring to Divine Union / Yoga. The Buddha is seated in Yogic sexual union with one of his principle consorts Princess Mandaarava ; an enlightened guru-deity and accomplished Dakini. The two came together after battling great opposition . Thereafter withdrawing into a secret cave and meditating together upon th Buddha Amitabha. They seeked the secret to liberation from death and were successful in achieving  the Unified Vajra Varaha Body  which is the attainment of immortality.
Pen and Ink Illustration
Guru Padmasambhava and Dakini  Mandaarava in Sambhogakaya

The Buddha Padmasambhava and Dakini Mandaarava are both enlightened beings , but they incarnated in the human form and practised several austerities for enlightenment, in order to teach by example.This being their mission in the particular incarnation . 

Many fascinating stories are written of their meeting, and instant connection as well as vehement opposition to the princess who had taken the vows of a nun, becoming the chief disciple and principle consort of a monk! 

But their purpose was clear and strong.They give heart to those of us steeped in 'Samsara', i.e living the life of a 'householder'. Through their Sambhogakaya form and corresponding teachings, they revealed practices that may be adopted by a mortal man and a woman . 

They teach the most valuable lesson of single pointed focus upon the ultimate Goal , that of realising our true self. Even in the intimate posture of sexual union the couple is not distracted by the sense experiences and instead channel the energies generated into higher practices aimed at benefiting all sentient beings.

Like the divine cosmic dance of Shiva and Shakti ,the union of Guru Padmasambhava and Dakini Mandarava is indeed inspiration , a call to follow in their path, one that leads to your SELF.


The short seed mantra for Guru Padmasambhava:-


I invoke you, Vajra Guru, Padmasambhava, by your blessing may you grant us supreme and ordinary realisation"

A link to a Youtube video of the chant that I really enjoyed. It brought a sense of immense peace and expansion:-                             



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