An Introduction to Mandalas


My journey as a spiritual artist started more than 15 years back , in what is easily another lifetime.  I was knee deep in the fashion industry and unknown to my self , looking for a way out. The call for something deeper , more holistic  was intense. I found myself questioning existence, looking for a sense of completeness , desperately seeking my purpose in life. 
At this time I found myself surreptitiously, sneaking away to a quiet room to draw. The drawings were Geometrical , often growing organically from the centre,only to reach out into all directions. The practise turned out to be the key to finding my groove . 

I soon found out that these inspired drawings had a name and a divine purpose . I had been introduced to the Mandala by Divine providence . My real journey had begun . 

Over the years I quit fashion, and devoted myself to painting and exploring into the art form full time . The years have been vastly illuminating  and the practice enriching . 
I have been teaching the form for some years now and finally decided to write a bit of an introduction to help people understand and appreciate Mandalas as an ancient art , that is just as alive in this day and age. 

A Lotus Mandala with Om as the central focal point
Size 15"/15 (Acrylic on Oil Paper)



The term Mandala has its origin in ancient Sanskrit. Literally translated, it means a Circle, though this might be a rather simplistic explanation. Sanskrit is considered a divine language, deep and many faceted. A language that delves into the very core of existence, only to emerge with a key to understanding our true nature. Many Words and Concepts in this language are impossible to translate into another tongue, such is its subtlety. They must instead be experienced, in order to get a true understanding..

Taking this quality into account is important when attempting to understand the meaning of the Mandala. As soon as we do this, the Mandala emerges as an incredible representation of the Macrocosm within the Microcosm. When we then begin to look around us with this altered vision, we see that The Human Body, plants, animals, the smallest cell and the largest star are all examples of this replication. Every single thing in the universe is composed of the same basic 5 elements in an infinite variety of conjunctions, having the same core or Source of energy.

Creating and meditating upon a Mandala is a means to understanding this natural unity.
A celebration and appreciation of something Bigger than the "I", Larger than the "ME”.

The practice teaches us to contemplate upon the nature of our existence.  It guides us to set aside personal agendas, of a fickle nature, so we can come face to face with that which is Divine and eternal. Removing the veils that constrict and limit we come to recognition of our true selves. Through continued, focused practice this glimpse turns into an ever present state of illumination.

Jai Maa


  1. After a long time came across a blog on spiritualism and got inspired to read . Looking forward for many posts to come . cheers

    1. Thankyou for the encouraging words. :) Sorry for the delayed response


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